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Patient Reviews

Read patient reviews for Dr. Do and Smile Studio.

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Santa Ana area from their patient reviews. Dr. Tri Do and the staff at Smile Studio are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Do.

Recent reviews for Doctor Anthony's Smile Studio
Based on 106 reviews
Emmanuel A.
Emmanuel A. via Yelp Oct 06 2021 Smile Studio is great place to get all your dental needs done! Chris and Dr. Chow will make sure you're satisfied with the service you receive and your... Read more
Darbie C.
Darbie C. via Yelp May 25 2021 I can't say enough good things about Smile Studio!! I have a horrible phobia of the dentist and like to make that clear before I have any work done and... Read more
Katy H.
Katy H. via Yelp Oct 29 2021 I was a patient years ago and got a root canal done. I knew the job was not completed as I felt horrible discomfort and when I called and called to get an... Read more